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Getting extension 90days Visa Thailand by travel to border of Cambodia

90days Thai Visa by travel to border of Cambodia

May. 18. 2015

I have MT (Medical Tretman) VISA, validity for 1 year.

MedicalTretment Visa Thailand

I had been in Korat immigration office but…they noticed that I must going somewhere on the border.

Which border its close?! Laos its to far..trip to there by Bus duration from 6 to 7 hours. And the last experience  in years 2011 was not so good. 

I decided to go on border of Cambodia by Bus. Duration from Korat to Cambodia border its 3 hours and half.

Bus Terminal 2  Tel: 044-256006-9

Bus timetable from Korat to Aranyaprathet


Tel: 037 – 233227; 044-266266

 Bus station Rongluea Market - Aranyaprathet district

In Europa I got MedicalTretment VISA – NON Immigration Visa..for 1 year… from 20.January 2015 to 20.Janury 2016
I must extension every 90 days.
Now its 15. May, 2015. I went to Immigration in Korat (20km out of center city).
An officer says that I must go to border (in Lao or Cambodia or..) to extension Visa.
In Korat its little turist..not like in Pattaya.. so I hardly find some information.. offer me mini-van.. its to expensive for my budget..
I am think I go with train or with bus? And not know where to go that it will be cheapest?


I am been..What a relief. I went to border of Cambodia

Bus from Korat to Aranya Prathet – Poipet border .

Dep.: from Korat – Bus station 2 (opposite Big-C in Korat)

5:30; 9:00, 12:00; 15:00 and 17:30 h

Arrivial from Aranyaprathet – Rongluea Market 5:30; 9:00, 12:00; 15:00 and 17:30 h

Bus drop dawn write close to the border Poipet..not need to take taxi.. although when I went down to the bus  man he comes to me and offer me Run-Visa but I am not excepted.

Bus continues running to Rongluea -Market.


Bus from Korat to Aranyaprathet and back 2x 165 Bt. 

Then I was fall-dawn in run Visa in Rongluea scam team
Cambodia visa 1.500 B
600 Bt… “for not standing in line” that man told me, when he is “act like my dearest friend” and take my passport..and I must pay for that for not stand in line… “mai penrhai” I now say.

The official Office in border of Poipet Cambodia

Copy photo ShopThe next time about 3 months I go again to Poipet but I did not want to be fall in Visa run scam. At first in Rongluea market I go photograph to take picture for Visa. I find near to Krung-Thai bank in Photo copy shop. The man has super make his job.
The official office of Visa in city Poi Pet  Cambodia is here (on picture right-bellow).

The mains frontier-guard they have bright uniform, send colour.
Thai Visa poipetBorder Check Point to Poi Pet Cambodia

Price of Visa is 35 USD Turist Visa and 30 USD other Visa. To see the price is in big ‘ blue table ‘ in the inside room where is officers.
I pay 1.100 BHT.

Golden Crown Casino PoiPet-

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