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Patuxay Monument Vientiane Laos
Patuxay Monument Vientiane Laos

Thai Visa run Pattaya to Vientiane Laos by Bus 2017 | Thai Visa Guide

From Pattaya to Vientiane Laos by Bus toward Thai Visa

19.Novemba, 2019
Thai Visa via Vientiane Laos

This year I deciding to go on Laos after Thai Visa. Vientiane main city it’s my destination.

Thai Turist Visa, Single entry, Validity of a visa is 3 months, permission of stay 60 days in Thailand and extend it by 30 days in the office Thai immigration (please visit http://www.immigration.go.th).

Where to buy BUS ticket?

Pattaya Klang1 to Soi Pattaya2

On the Pattaya klang Rd. (now Pattaya Central Rd.) going to left to Sukhumvit Rd. continue and just beneath the footbridges and turn left and continue for about 50 meters there is the Cashier Box where it’s selling the thicket. The name of the company it’s 407 Phatthana. I thinked I will buy ticket 3 weeks before but man at the counter he convinced me to buy latter because Bus to Nong Kai – Thailand will be quite empty also the bottom of the VIP seats as well as regular seats on upstairs. Ok! I went 5 days earlier for to buy ticket. But the V.I.P. lower sets it was been full. I take upstairs sits. Price (**before 475 Baht) and now 517 Baths for regular sits (**and V.I.P. sits 690 Baht.)

Pattaya Bus 407 to Nongkai – Prices
Bus 407 Pattaya Nongkai Prices


BUS 407 to Nongkai Thailand
Bus Pattaya Nong Kai
Bus ticket from Pattaya to Nongkai
Bus Ticket Pattaya Nong Kai
We arrive to border abot past 8am. (**before was  Bus only stop station at Nongkai.)
Thai-Laos International tour-bus
Bus station Nongkai
(**befor I could take a International tour-Bus but waiting to long to 07:30h. In bus-station it’s ride with Tuk-tuk 80 Baht, so looking out a bus-station and I find lady-driver with Tuk-tuk for 60 Baht.)

*First time in February 2017 Thai man Tuk-tuk driver try to aim me in office in Thailand side where it’s sell Laos Visa for 2,000 Bahts
spots Nong Kai Tuk-Tuk

The Thai-Lao Friendship Bridge connection Thailand and Laos width 1.2 kilometres over the river Mekong, connecting the small border town of Nong Khai, Thailand with Vientiane capital city, Laos. Vientiane-Laos Border it’s open at 6:00 and close at 22:00 daily. If you come early or to latte if want go cross border charge $1 overtime

Staff help me to fill in a form Arrival/Departure card
Arrival Departure Card Laos
On gate No. 2 are admittance for Laos Visa. Laos Visa from $20, $30, $35 or average 1,500 Baths (ie. cheaper to pay in US$). As Sloven EU I pay $30 for Laos Turist Visa, validate 30 days
Laos Visa on arrival Vientine
Public Green Bus #14 from Friendship bridge border to Talat Sao (the Morning Market) Vientiane city is 6,000 kip (30 Bahts but if you don’t have kip sometime depending on the driver pay 40 Bahts)
Bus drive about 25 km from the Friendship bridge to Vientiane; duration at least 30 minutes.
Bus from Thai Laos Friendship bridge

Bus station Vientiane to Thai Consulate From there you can take a tuk-tuk but you’ll be hard pressed to find one who will take you into the Thai Consulate, a 1.4 kilometre away, for less than 30,000 kip. I’m take taxi-motorcycle, at first he want 200 Bath, and then 100 Bath, I convince him for 60 Baths but it’s very very hard.
On other side it’s shared Songthaew which in all probability driving to the Thai Consulate
or you can walk there for 20 minutes to 25.

The 1st time I am went, Online booking hotel Souvanna Hotel Vientiane Laos
Souvanna Hotel Vientiane Agoda Voucher Souvanna Hotel

The 2nd time May 2017, online booking Hotel Sokphankham guesthouse
Sokphankhan gusthouse Vientiane

November 2019 online booking at Thawee gusthouse

No see the map? Click here, to see in map and direction info about hotel

Patuxay Monument Vientiane Laos
Patuxay Monument Vientiane Laos
BeerLao ‘Aloy mak-mak’
Slots Machine Club
Slots Club on border

Thailand Consular Section in Vientiane Laos


Address: Rue Bourichane, Vientiane, Laos
Phone: 064 004 1980
Thai Consular Vientiane Laos
Arrive on Wednesday
around on 10:00 clock I came
Vientiane Thai Consulate came
Next day on Thursday waiting
I came in Thai Consulate about 13:10.. and waiting one hour and 20 minute
Vientiane Thai Consulate waiting

Documents I need for Thai Visa

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of the first page Passport with picture
  3. Copy of Passport with Laos Visa in it
  4. 2x photos
  5. Thai Visa Form – you can get it in Thai Consulate or bring it with yourself
  6. *This time Thailand gov. 1.12.2016 to 28.2.2017 discharge fee of Visa e.i. Visa was Free or 0 zero Baht Otherwise Thai Visa fee was 1,000 Bahts
  7. Now must do booking your arrival at Vientain Thai Embassy in 2 weeks befor.


More on the Thai Embassy site.


Since 1st February 2019, foreigners who need to a apply for Thai Visa must do an Appointments are scheduled via the new on-line booking platform at: https://thaivisavientiane.com/

Summary trip cost

    • Bus from Pattaya to Nongkai 2x 517 Baht
    • Tuk-Tuk from Border to Nongkai bus station 50 B
    • 2x on Border Friendship between Thailand and Laos border crossing bridge Bus 20 B
    • Laos Visa 30$ (916 Baths)
    • (** in 2017 year from Laos Border to Vientiane city local Bus 3,000 kip (I am give 40 Baht)
    • Taxi-Motorcycle (60 Baht) from Bus station to Thai Consulate
    • 2x Copy passport = 10 Baths.)
    • Van from Thai Consulate to Laos Border 100 Baths



  • * + Hotel (depends of which hotel you chose & and how many day you stay)
    1x 620 Baths
    All Sum = ccm 3,755 Bahts




– Go to Thai Consulate at Thursday or Wednesday *because on Monday it’s very crowd people and if you go on Friday give a Thai Visa form you have to wait past weekend Saturday and Sunday to Monday when Thai Consulate it’s open again and you can take your Passport back with new Visa

– In Thailand Consulate Wears long shirt or at least short shirt…NOT T-Shirt (that Short shirt that cover-up shoulder) and long trousers or at lest short…NOT short gym panties (that short trousers that cover-up knee). That you showing respect for Thai country.

– Thailand now allowing only 15 day Tourist VISA to be issued at land border crossings, or/and the 30 day Tourist VISA now restricted to airport arrivals.

– If you haven’t booked accommodation, the tuk-tuk driver will try to aim you to a place he receives commission on.

Author Mitja Podlogar




See below for more places to stay in Vientiane:

(check availability on Agoda.com or Booking.com )



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“I convince him for 60 Baths but it’s very very hard.”
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I’m going to Vientiane tomorrow, for my visa run. I’ll try to use this information. I’ll let you know how my experience goes. Wish me luck!😊

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