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Thai Visa via Pattaya to Penang Island Malaysia by train

From Pattaya to Penang Island Malaysia by train toward Thai Visa

Update: 29. July. 2018
Previously: 1. May. 2016

I have been in Penang Islang toward Thai Visa four times. It’s easy, not stressful, cheep in all my trip to get Thai Visa.

Where to get ticket?

Pattaya train station 2016Pattaya trainstation workin time

Best of all is booking before trip. So I go to train station in Pattaya to reservation sleeping train-ticket from Bangkok to border Padang Basard.

Bangkok to Padang Besar (once daily):  Departs at 15:10 – and next day Arrives at 08:30
Train Class: 2nd Class Sleeping Air-con
Ticket Price: Upper Berth – 870 baht | Lower Berth – 960 baht
Official Website & Scheduleshttp://www.railway.co.th/
Train-Ticket Bangkok Padang Besar

Trip to Pedang island-Malaysia

Ekkamai Pattaya north-bus-stationOn trip day go to Pattaya North bus-station, the bus for Ekkamai (Bangkok), 108 Bhts.


bts ekkamaiOn Ekkamai from bus station walk about 50m until you get to the stairs to the Skytrain – BTS..climb up the stairs, and buy BTS – train-ticket to Asok (Sukkumvit) junction , 25 Bhts.

bts asokThan go down stairs to MRT-underground train to Hua Lamphong (Bangkok reilway station), 26 Bhts.


At 15:10 hour train it is leaving Bangkok railway-station toward border of Padang Besard.

Train Bangkok Butterworth

The Train change at conjunction at border.
And go to immigration checkpoint at 1st at Thai and 2th at Malaysia
*for Malaysia Visa it’s free for 30 days… Border Staff give me to fill in a form of Arrival/Departure card, kindness lady of a border officer help me to fill a card. After you stand-in line and when it is your turn you have to stand in place in front of the camera and then put your finger on the scanner. And then officer only stamp in Passport the Malaysia Visa.

Border Padang Basard, KTM Malay “Coach for ladies only”
train pedang besar


Can buy train-ticket at Padang Besard train-station to Butterworth, 11.40 RM (Ringit Malaysia).
Train ticket Padang Besard to Butterworth

“*From 26.Juny, 2016 it’s change. Before that you can buy train-ticked in Thailand all include from Bangkok to Butterworth Malaysia.”

On Pedang islang they are chances to go with Ferri both or by Bus. Ferri it’s 1.20 RM to Pedang island. From Pedang island drive the Ferri boat to Butterworth it’s allways free of charge.

Pulau- Penang Ferry
The faithful ferry service, a major  connection to the mainland from Penang

Free “Cat” Bus in Penang island. And when came back toward Thailand, when came down from farri free cat combi vans to KTM (railway station in Butterworth). Or walk about 500m to KTM.

The accommodate

Booking Island Penang – George Town Hostels, Hotel, Guest-house. The most cheaper it’s street Chulia, street Love Lane, etc. And the most cheep it’s hostels dormitory where it’s few bads with shared toilets, shared WC, shared living room, shared kitchen. It’s better reservation at advance on Agode, on Booking.net, on Hotels.com, etc.
I am staying in Hotel Hong Ping, (92.00 RM) Jalan Chulia (*Jalan = Street) .
*Hotel Hong Ping it’s not yet in list of online booking
Hotel Hong Pinang lebuh-chulia-Penang Malaysia
Feri to Hotel hong ping

money exchange bht to rm
Money exchenge on 3.November,2016,
1,000 Bahts = 116 RM



Foods & Drink & Entertainment

yeap noodles jalan chulia penang No far avay from Hotel Hong Ping it’s Yeap Noodles Shop. Which it’s recommend by TripAdvisor and normally me.

Fruit I go to oposite 7 Eleven in an open booth shop.

Bakery Jalan Chulia
Bakery alan Chulia Pedang

ART in Lebuh (street) Chulia
Art street Mr.BeenArt street Merlin Monro
car Classic FIAT
Fiat Penang Malay
Tricycle Rickshow in Lebuh Chulia
Tricycle Rickshaw Jalan Chulia Pinang Malay
Batu (beach) Feringghi
The Sea Penang Island


Thai embassy in Penang Malaysia

1, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman,
Pulau Tikus,
10350 George Town,
Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

3 days must be the minimum in Penang island, Malaysia. For 1st. day when coming at 11:00 – 12:00 on Penang island it’ll to late to go to Thai-Consulate which is collect Visa application only to 11:30 hrs. 2nd day it will collect your Visa application. And a 3th day it will give back at 14:00 to 16:00 hrs.
*unless you can find what kind of another transport not train.. example..the man at mini-Van who has shop with print-copy in-front Thai-consulate he offer me arrange with other people transport to Thailand by mini-van bus or by boat. The Offers include koh Lanta, Phuket, Krabi, PiPi island, koh Samui, or Bangkok

I geted Thai Visa for 3 months, Turist Visa for 60 days, and 30 days I can stamp in Yomtien-Pattaya immigration office fee 1,900 Bahts

Hotel hong ping Thai consulate

Bus No. 101 or 104 opposite 7 Eleven, runs every 15 minut. Bus-Ticket 1.40 RM. 4.2 km to Royal Thai Consulate. Stop at adverse Hospital at Jalan Burma then has 1.1 km walk to Royal Thai Consulate or drive to Bus station Opps Balai Polis Pulau Tikus, Jalan Burma. Or take Taxi-car, price 17 RM – 18 RM. (*piti it’s not or it’s very rare taxi motorcycle)
Thai consulate Penang Malaysia

“Almost everyone can get 15 days stay visa travel by land or/and 30 days Visa if you have print-copy of airline tickets.”

Prices are as of May 2016. Visas can be extended once in Thailand at any Immigration Office.
Thai Visa Type Duration of Stay Visa Fees 
Single Entry Tourist Visa 60 days 150 RM
Single Entry Non Immigrant Visa 90 days 300 RM
Multiple Entry Non Immigrant Visa 1 year 750 RM


An easy way to getting your Thai Visa on island Penang

Another comfortable way to get your Thai Visa it’s tour agents in Georgetown. They organise your Thai VISA application. Put in your passport the same day you are arrive, fill in the forms, pay an extra 300 Baht (30 RM) agency fee and let them do the job. The 60 day tourist VISA should cost 1,800 Baht (1,500 VISA fee + 300 agency fee).
But I didn’t. Complicated it’s that at country’s who must have return air-ticket. Agent was not so shore about Slovenia to must have return air-ticket or not? And agent wants to charge an extra for acquire air-ticket for out off Thailand. I was turn away off that office. I was trying to getting in other office but even worse. The next day I am do it myself, went to Penang Thai consulate. They was not demand air-ticket.

**Turist agent will buy and Print a fully refundable/unrestricted e-ticket to show at Thai Consulate. A simple way to do that is to buy a cheap (USD 50 or so) one-way ticket online to e.g Kuala Lumpur with a low cost airline on Expedia, US site, or AirAsia, VietJetAir, etc. The ticket can be cancelled and refunded with no fee within 24 hours. Other airlines can give more options but the purchase price can be high.

Please note: none of the above is illegal in any way.

Documents you’ll need

    • Passport
    • 2x photo
    • PrintCopy Passport of the first page with picture and print-copy passport with last Visa (At Thai Consulate at working hours it’s Van where you can copied and take a picture)
    • Arrival/Departure Card (which’re getting on the border)
    • Travel ticket (the best of air-ticket follow train ticket, bus ticket, boat ticket, etc.)

When you asking for Visa 2th time you must bring still: e.i. best of all bring at 1st time

  • Your contract to your lodging (apartments or house or hotel or etc.) in Thailand where a momentary is your address
  • Statement of your bank in your country (display of Bank which it’s must not been older then 3 months)

More on the Thai Embassy site.


Summary trip cost

    • Bus from Pattaya to Ekkamai 2x 108 Baht
    • 2x Sky-train & MTR 28 B & 26 B
    • 2x Train from Bangkok to Padang Besar 960 B
    • 2x Train from Padang Besar to Butterworth 11.40 RM (2x 102 Baht)
    • 1x Ferry 1.20 RM (11 Baht)
    • Thai Visa 1,500 Baht (or 150 RM. I pay with RM.)

    • Summary = ccm 3,800 Bahts


  • * + Hotel (depends of which hotel you chose & and how many day you stay)
    3x 92.00 RM (821 Bahts) = 2,464 Bahts
    All Sum = ccm 6,263 Bahts



Island Penang in English, “Pulau Pinang” in Malay, From Wikipedia

Penang Heritage City – a suits for Penang Island it is now part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Cities Program.
The capital city, George Town, has the most numerical of pre-war buildings in all of South East Asia which are as yet intact. The place is so rich with history, not only George Town but all Penang island.


See below for more places to stay in Penang:

(check availability on Agoda.com or Booking.com )


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Judy Anne Ruano
Judy Anne Ruano
February 9, 2017 19:20

Hi! This is very useful and you have been very specific with the details of your trip. It helped me a lot in planning and budgeting as i am thinking of going to penang. Thank you very much and i wish you all the best 😊

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