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Nowdays on journey to Thailand at Covid-19

Nowdays journey Thailand Covid-19

Picture one on Happy Turist at airport Suvarnabhumi

Nowdays How much its cost journey to Thailand:

  • Visa 70 eur,
  • insurance 35 eur,
  • quarantine Hotel for 14 days 28,000 bath
  • covid test 95 eur
  • Fly ticket from 28,277 Baths
  • Thailand Arrival fee 300 Bath


TR Visa

Turist Visa is valid for 60 days. And posible to extend 30 days
Insurance in Slovenia needed web form, (exempl) provider Vzajemna.
Quarantine Hotel: ROYAL RATTANAKOSIN HOTEL – (ref link)

nowdays jorney to thailand


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About Mitja

I'm an Slovenian living in Thailand. A traveller, nature lover, blogger. My interes are nature, cooking, walking, swimming.

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