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Affiliate Marketing Basics

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Affiliate Marketing Basics

One of the most popular ways of making money online, is affiliate marketing. This technique requires very little development skills, because you really don’t have to waste your time with developing products to sell. Affiliate marketing is all about selling products. But being an affiliate also means you don’t have to deal with the costumer complaints, warranty issues and the returned merchandise. Your only job as an affiliate is, to convince people to visit a certain website for a certain product. That’s it. The seller’s job is to sell that product to the visitor you brought. If the seller is not skilled enough to make sale, you just direct your visitors to some other seller, that will make your affiliate marketing skills pay off. After all, affiliate marketing is a business and business is all about the money.

How does affiliate marketing work?

First you apply to be an affiliate publisher. You can do that directly by the merchant you choose to promote, or at one of the many affiliate networks that represent countless numbers of traders you can promote. After you do that (most of these networks are free to join), you get your affiliate links that have your affiliate code included. This links are your road to success and to riches. Whenever someone clicks one of your links, a cookie is stored on his computer and this cookie triggers the alarm on the website you link is pointing at. This alarm tells the trader, that the costumer was sent to his website by your link so you are entitled to affiliate commission if the visitor buys anything from his website. The duration of these affiliate cookies differs from website to website. Some of them only last a day, while some last for several months. This means that the visitor you sent to the merchant will bring you commission for the entire cookie duration period. He doesn’t have to buy anything the first time he visits the merchant’s website. If, for instance, the cookie has the duration of 3 months and the visitor returns to his website and purchases something 2 months after he first visited the site through your affiliate link, you still get your affiliate commission. How great is that? Pretty great if you ask me. All you have to do is to make your affiliate links visible. Do a research of what people buy online, create websites dedicated to these products and optimize them so people will come to your websites. After that you just have to convince them to click on your affiliate links and that’s it.

*You must understand that no one can guarantee that you will make money thru online. Like all entrepreneurial efforts, advertising in here involves some risk, and you might even lose your money.
Anyone who guarantees your success is being less than truthful with you!


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