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Patuxay Monument Vientiane 2017

Thai Visa via Pattaya to Vientiane Laos by tour-bus

This year I deciding to go on Laos at Thai Visa. Vientiane main city it’s my destination.

Thai Turist Visa, Single entry, Validity of a visa is 3 months, permission of stay 60 days in Thailand and extend it by 30 days in the office Thai immigration […]

Tricycle Rickshaw Jalan Chulia Pinang Malay

Thai Visa via Pattaya to Penang Island Malaysia by train

From Pattaya to Penang Island Malaysia by train toward Thai Visa Where to get ticket? Best of all is booking before trip. So I go to train station in Pattaya to reservation sleeping train-ticket from Bangkok to border Padang Basard. Bangkok to Padang Besar (once daily):  Departs at 15:10 – and next day Arrives at […]


Getting extension 90days Visa Thailand by travel to border of Cambodia

90days Visa Thailand by travel to border of Cambodia I have MT (Medical Tretman) VISA, validity for 1 year. I had been in Korat immigracion office but…they nothiced that I must going somewhere on the border. Which border its close?! Lao its to far..trip to there by Bus duration from 6 to 7 hours. And the last […]

Jagode za zajtrk DecembraJagode za zajtrk – Hrana na Tajskem

Jagode za zajtrk Za zajtrk decembrske ročno stisnjene  Jagode z rjavim sladkorjem in z smetano.  **…jagode sem stisnil z prsti… ja kaj!.. znajti se moraš.. 🙂 Jagode na Tajskem uspevajo od konca Novembra do začetka Marca. Jagode 30 Bt sem dobil pri malih trgovcih na Soi Runothai. Kruh 95Bt iz Foodland market. Zeleni čaj 35Bt. Kava Moccona […]

Taxi-cycle-Pak-Tong-Chai-Mar2015Sam-lo Taxi

Taxi Sam-lo (3 cycles )or rickshaw ‘s the basic transportation in Korat town. If you don’t hurry and want to see Korat city in traditional way. Just try this. The fare depends on the distance but not to much.  […]

kin khao reu yang?thai-kin-khao-reu-yang

The common Thai greeting “sawatdee” was invented during the Second World War. Before that, people greeted each other by asking if they had eaten yet by saying ‘kin khao reu yang?’ The phrase translates as ‘have you eaten yet?’. What greeting would you like to make popular? […]